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About Toggle Latch: Different models for different applications

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Author : Susan
Update time : 2020-07-02 16:42:16

001-- 010 is used in all kinds of packing boxes, fireboxes, cabinets, stainless steel boxes, food machinery equipment, as long as it is convenient to open and close the observation hole, the lid, can be used



011-- 014 Double spring damping and cushioning clasp, which USES the spring to stretch and stretch to generate pre-tightening force, can be firmly locked when the box cover vibrates. Generally used in moving, working mechanical equipment produced by vibration.



019--023A, 050 are generally used in food insulation drums, vacuum cleaners, brewing equipment, all kinds of circular drums fixed drum caps, steel wire heat treatment hardness HRC60 degrees, arc stretching range of 2--4 mm, firmly fixed drum caps



Plastic mechanical vacuum feeder toggle latches,



Aircraft buckle for short, iron stainless steel material, the applicable scope of packing boxes, large-scale industrial and mining lights,



Used in various mechanical equipment, construction machinery, electric heating ring, above the packing box, iron galvanized stainless steel material



Used in all kinds of large mechanical equipment, iron galvanized stainless steel material



Barrel hoop fasteners are used for air duct clamps, pipe clamps connected to fluid equipment pipes, and packing barrel clamps



LS series is a variety of handle, folding does not take up space, strong and durable, built-in positioning steel ball to fix the handle position

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